woman stretching on the side of the bed after a good night's sleep
October 26, 2022

Everyone has been there before. You lay down in bed and prepare to get a relaxing night of sleep. However, you begin to toss and turn, look at the clock, get up and down, and do pretty much everything possible besides sleep. Does this sound familiar? Well, we have the answer. Here is how to get a good night of sleep in just 4 easy steps:

Pay Attention to What You Eat and Drink

Believe it or not, preparing for a good night of rest begins hours before your head hits the pillow. As you plan out your evening meal, be sure you are eating enough, but also not too much. When you go to bed hungry or overly stuffed, your body will have a hard time shutting down to go to sleep. On top of that, drink choice can also be a key factor in how you sleep. If you consume too much caffeine before bed, it won’t have time to wear off which can intervene in your sleeping schedule.

Create a Peaceful Sleeping Environment

While everyone has their own ideal sleeping environment, there are a few things that have been proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Be sure you turn off your overhead light because exposure to bright lighting causes our bodies to want to stay awake. It may be a good idea to switch off all the lights a few minutes before you are ready for bed to create a peaceful environment. There are also a few nighttime routines that may help you sleep better, including taking a warm bath before bed and applying a calming moisturizer to your skin.

Stay Active

Consistent exercise is one of the sure ways of how to get a good night of sleep. While you don’t have to spend two hours at the gym every day, physical activity is a great way to wear your body out so you won’t have as much trouble sleeping at night. Sunlight also aids your sleep, so if you are able to take a walk outside during the day take advantage of that! Although you will feel more tired immediately, be sure to limit naps so that you are able to sleep better at night. When planning your exercise, you don’t want to work out too close to bedtime because the adrenaline that your body creates will make it harder to settle down for bed.

Be Consistent

You have probably heard about your body’s circadian rhythm and how it is important to keep it consistent. This is especially crucial for when it is time to sleep. If you are able to get your body used to going to sleep at the same time every night, you will find it much easier to rest the way you want. While it is tempting to stay up late on the weekends, being consistent with your sleep schedule reinforces your body’s sleep-awake cycle.

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